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Feel at one with nature. Feel healthy, vital, youthful, sensual. Feel free of aches and pains.
Feel Hillside Herbal.
For 14 years, Hillside Herbal clients have been feeling the benefits of our all-natural, organic herbal ointments, aromatherapy massage oils, and certified organic skincare products. We pride ourselves on providing premium quality products which contain only natural ingredients, and which cater to your needs.
Feel good... naturally


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Our current Bestsellers:
Relaxing Massage OilRelaxing Massage Oil
Completely relax yourself with this soothing and relaxing Massage Oil. It is made entirely of natural, edible ingredients.
100ml / 3.4 fl oz   AUD 15.70
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Calendula OintmentCalendula Ointment
An excellent skin care product and "day & night cream". Helps reduce the signs of aging and smoothes wrinkles.
60g / 2 oz         AUD 17.30
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Hillside Herbal Products
Hillside Herbal offers a wide range of high quality natural products, all created to make you feel healthy, vital, and invigorated... naturally.
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"Thanks for a great product. I have a small child who has special needs and it is sometimes very difficult to settle her at night, your Baby Balm is working well and helps her calm down, meaning we all get a good nights sleep. Thanks again, Christine."
[Ingham, Australia]

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